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Meeting at Nortonville Museum Aug 11, 2011

Crowd of over 40 waiting for the Historical Society Meeting Aug 11 at Nortonville Library and Museum

Thursday August 11 Nortonville Museum tour

Nortonville Museum music section

Historical Society of Hopkins County met at the Museum on Union Street in Madisonville and carpooled to

Nortonville Museum.  Program  featured a tour of the Nortonville Library & Museum, regular business meeting and refreshments.  Over 40 attended the excellent program, introduced by Jesse McGary which included welcome from the Mayor of Nortonville and Librarian & Museum director Martha Bowman.  See pictures in the photo gallery.

Grammaphone playing My Old Kentucky Home welcomed visitors into a spacious area of the old Nortonville school filled with historical items from school days, coal, transportation and military uniforms as well as a variety household and business antiques.