Archive | January 25, 2015

Feb 12 Meeting Museum/Library, 107 Union St at 6:30 pm

February’s meeting will feature a panel discussion of members discoveries during the January Research Saturday, with some ideas for finding topics of interest and learning more about what is available in our collection.  Several board members and members attended so it will be a lively report.

Research Saturday Jan 24

Members met under leadership of program chair/VP Randy Teague to explore the Historical Library’s treasures, inside books and files.  Photographs, maps, news articles and books, the shelf list of books and index of yearbooks were used by a dozen members to research their favorite subject or just learn more about what we have.

Feb 14 from 9 am-12 noon and March 14 from 1-4 pm will be Research Saturdays for members and OPEN to the PUBLIC!  Come explore!

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