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May 11 Meeting

Growing up in Madisonville in the 50s-

Another great night of memories- dating at least 20 men before you pic one to marry, details from a young lady’s diary, life long friendships, a purloined pie, Senior Sneak day…. if you missed it you missed it- no recording due to select shared events that parents may not have known about. Yes tellers were in their 70’s but we have several members over 90 who regularly attend

March 30 Munns School

Historic Marker Dedication

Thanks to Jean Merrell, Hopkins Co Schools,  County Historian Carl Veazey, and more.

April 13 meeting

Panelists who were born in 1920s, 30s and 40s shared stories about horseshoes, dances at the city patk club house, early homemade ziplines, paper routes, and even a spanking or two at school.