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Eighty Six Historic Homes Jackson/Wortham

Eighty Six Historic Homes Jackson/Wortham

2013 Historical Yearbook
Historical Society of Hopkins County,

107 Union Street, Madisonville, KY 42431

The following  is a sample of books  that may be purchased at the Museum:

Historical Society Yearbook 2011 $25.00

Historical Society Yearbook 2010  $25.00

Historical Society Yearbook 2009  $25.00

Historical Society Yearbooks 1982- 2008  $25.00

   some quantities of older books are limited

Heritage of Hopkins County, 1806-1888   $50.00

History of Hopkins County by Maj. M K Gordon  $45.00

WWII Veterans of Hopkins Co  $50.00

more to be listed soon…

Books may be purchased at the museum or  by mail.

Please call 270-821-3986 for current postage totals for specific materials.


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3 Responses to “Books for sale”

  1. Rebecca S. Milrs Reply April 6, 2012 at 9:55 am

    I have a copy of an article titled “Bourland-Slaton” and a brief reference that it came from Hopkins Co. KY Vol I, pp 61-62. It was submitted by Beatrice S. Martin and that is all the information I have. Do you have any idea what publication this article might have come from? I would greatly appreciate your help. Becky Miles

  2. Hello. I was wondering if you would have any historical books about Earlington?

    • Sorry for delay in responding. Webmaster had major surgery and docent retired. Ann Gipson our County historian has a few and many of our annual yearbooks have featured Earlington. Please call the museum. 270-821-3986 ona weekday not a holiday between 12-4 cdt

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